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appcharacter relationshipsposts
how's my driving
the usual settings apply
anon is on
ip logging is off
screening is on request

then you realize those settings actually weren't on. THEY'RE ON NOW.

04 º video / action ; route 34

[ and today on Judith Cam™, there is a HUGE 14 meter WHALE on camera. it is currently looming in front of a rather terrified looking surskit. his trainer? is looking curiously at them both. she is most likely torn with a deep, deep question. ]

"Rollout" wouldn't work too well here, would it?

[ . . . yeah. the wailord kind of bellows, as the surskit just... shivers and then faints at the sheer possibility of being crushed by all that whale.

oh. well. judith's just. going to throw that pokéball now and catch it. easily. ]

. . . Hm. The size advantage isn't exactly fair.

[ awkward silence, as some wild pokémon crawl onto the view of the feed. judith just stares at her pokéball for a moment. ]

It's kind of unfulfilling, actually.

[ . . . just watch the rest of the wild pokémon back up now, as the feed cuts off. ]
[ and this morning you will be greeted by an incredibly loud achoo.

and then a very, very big crash, before this feed clicks. for those in the area: judith's wailmer just sneezed. and. it sneezes very well. so well, in fact, that it bounced up and hit the roof. and also maybe shook the walls. and then it does it again.

aside from that, though, yes. there is only sneezing and crashing in this post. ]

[ a text, about an hour later : ]

How do you make a whale stop bouncing?

02 º text / action ; violet city

[ suddenly, on your pokégear screen... there is just one question of vital importance: ]

Hello. I hope you don't mind answering a bit of a question for me.

What do you think of maid outfits? If it helps, you can give me a ranking from 1-10. One being the worst, of course.

[ those looking for judith might find her at the pokécenter, sitting close to the window and sipping on a hot drink. there's a wailmer rolling around at her heels. she's petting it occasionally, flipping through an article of... outfits. feel free to talk to her. ]

01 º video / action ; new bark town

[ this is a bed. a familiar looking bed, for those who've woken up in new bark town. a rather familiar crowded looking bed, actually, for there are three occupants. allow me to introduce today's participants:

1. a scruffy looking old man
2. a rather eccentric looking woman
3. and an equally eccentric looking girl.

if you're focusing hard enough, you might notice the movement of the covers. the feed shifts slightly, before the cameraperson moves to the staircase. and suddenly, at once, all three of the bed-dwellers rise. the old man, the woman, the girl.

the old man blinks. ]
Wakin' up between two gorgeous ladies... Now this is the life.

My. How bold. [ the most uncertain smile. look at that poker face... yet, look at the girl. she's shaking... in...

anger? and then all hell breaks loose. ]

You are. Dead!

[ it's a disaster, really, with some screaming and indignant protests, until everything ends with the old man being punched in the face by the girl, escorted (read: pulled) downstairs by the woman. they look into the camera for a moment with some sort of a puzzled expression on their face--

--before the girl opens the door and the woman all but throws the old man outside, shutting the door with a bang. ]

Oh... What a start to my little girls and boy's Pokémon Journey! [ mom's voice cuts in through the muffled protests from the old man, and the girl gives the unknown woman a side glance. ]

. . . Sure. [ and then she aims a very graceful kick to the door. ] And there's a doghouse out there with your name on it!

Not the doghouse, darlin--

I like your house. [ towards the camera. all the smiles from this one.

more pounding, before the feed shuts off with a click. ]


(( Judith, Rita and Raven will all be tagging this! ))

00 | a p p l i c a t i o n } route_29

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